miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2007

Biographic Note

José Miguel Candela (Santiago, Chile, 1968): Graduated in music at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile in 1994. He has followed several courses on composition and analysis with composer Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt, whom he considers his mentor. He has composed works for films, theatre and specially for contemporary dances (mostly for the Contemporany Dance Company La Vitrina) He has also composed non functional works with special emphasis in the electroacoustic music field.
In May 2000 he was awarded a scholarship by Andes Foundation to compose his project "four symphonic mouvements of indigenistic nature". One of them, "Machaq Mara (dedicated to the aymara culture)" was played by the Symphonic Orchestra of Chile. On 2003, he was awarded a scholarship by the UNESCO-ASCHBERG institution to spent two months at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, USA. On 2007, he was awared a scholarship by teh Spain Ministry of Culture, to spent one month at the LIEM-CDMC studios (Madrid, Spain). He has edited 2 coneptual cds: "TTK – 81 micropieces for saxophone and electroacoustic" with Miguel Villafruela (2008), y “"Salvador Allende Gossens electroacoustic cycle ” (2009).
His music has been played in Chile and in several countries of America and Europe, and it has been edited in several cds. He has worked for 13 years at the experimental rock
group "Cangrejo", band that he founded with others musicians in 1992. He was by 4 years coordinator of the Community Electroacústica of Chile, from its foundation in 2002. Founder and organizer during 6 years of the Festival the International of the Festival Internacional de Música Electroacústica de Santiago de Chile, "Ai-maako". He is now coordinator and teacher in the composition degree of the ARCIS school of music, composer at the Contemporany Dance Company La Vitrina, and composer/performer at the political power rock trio "Desde Otro Siglo".

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